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Sedation Dentistry


At Advanced Dental Care, the relaxed office environment and our team put most patients at ease during their visits. However, patients who are extremely nervous or uncomfortable about dental visits may find that sedation dentistry is the answer to help them relax. If you suffer from a general fear of visiting the dentist, we offer sedation dentistry as a safe option to help ensure your comfort. As its name suggests, sedation dentistry involves the use of safe, mild sedatives before beginning a dental examination or procedure. You simply lie back in our dental chair, and we will tailor the ideal sedative treatment to ensure that you are relaxed and calm throughout your visit. Although you may feel sleepy, sedation dentistry does not put you to sleep. Instead, you will feel deeply relaxed while still being aware and able to follow the dentist’s instructions. Indeed, many sedated patients are so relaxed that they lose track of time, feel as if their treatment lasted only a few moments, and don’t remember many details of the procedure itself. It’s important to note that sedation dentistry is primarily designed to calm your nerves. As a result, the sedative by itself will not eliminate pain, but our combination of sedatives and a local anesthetic to completely numb your mouth will help ensure that you are both comfortable and pain-free throughout your dental examination and treatment. Sedation dentistry can be a wise choice for anyone who is otherwise too nervous to visit the dentist. If you have postponed dental visits or put off necessary treatment because of fear or nervousness, consider safe sedation dentistry.

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