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A little bit about Dr.Hooman

Dr. H's journey in dentistry commenced in 2003 with the attainment of the first D.D.S degree. However, the pursuit of knowledge did not stop there. In 2014, Dr. H achieved a significant milestone by securing a second D.D.S degree from the distinguished University of Colorado. This educational foundation has paved the way for a thriving career.

One of Dr. H's defining characteristics is the ability to excel across various facets of dentistry. From general practice to the art of cosmetic dentistry, navigating complex endodontic cases to performing precise implant surgeries, and embracing the latest digital technologies to becoming a skilled provider of laser dentistry, Dr. H's skills encompass the full spectrum of dental care. This versatility ensures that patients receive comprehensive and expert attention.


With over 20 years of hands-on experience, Dr. H has successfully managed over a thousand digital cosmetic and restorative dentistry cases. This wealth of clinical experience translates into a commitment to precision and excellence in patient interaction.

Since joining the current practice in 2017, Dr. H has played a pivotal role in elevating the clinic's reputation. Consistent nominations for the "Best of the County" awards and a growing social media following reflect the trust and appreciation garnered from patients.

Recognizing the ever-evolving nature of dentistry, Dr. H remains dedicated to continual learning. Recent forays into facial esthetics and complex implant and multi-discipline treatments demonstrate an unwavering commitment to providing patients with the latest and most advanced solutions.

He has been a member of several professional associations during all these years. Still, his dedication to investing time and effort in learning and acquiring valuable skills holds the greatest importance to him.

 He finds joy in listening to and playing music, discussing art, and constantly exploring the latest in technology. When away from the clinic, he relishes family time and sports activities. His preferred charitable organization is St. Jude. Additionally, he holds a heartfelt hope for all children to enjoy good health and for parents to live free from worries about their children's well-being.

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