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Dental Cleaning and Exams
Comprehensive dental cleanings and exams are vital to maintaining a healthy smile, preventing cavities, and detecting any potential dental issues before they significantly affect your overall dental health. At Advanced Dental Care, we recommend a cleaning and exam every six months, unless there are more severe gum problems or high risk of cavities. In such cases, we will tailor your hygiene interval to your specific needs.
When you come in for a typical visit, you can expect:
Cleaning, scaling, and polishing: Our dental staff will professionally clean and polish your teeth, removing stubborn plaque while brightening your smile and dental restorations. Scaling helps remove tough tartar deposits on your teeth that brushing alone can’t remove. In addition to routine equipment like ultrasonic scalers and manual instruments, we also utilize laser technology to perform Laser bacterial reduction. This specific hygiene diode laser can significantly reduce the bacterial presence around the pockets and reduce inflammation. our hygienists are certified providers of this laser . Another state-of-the-art technology that we offer to our patient is the guided biofilm therapy. This device mixes water and specific particles and sprays them with predefined velocity at the teeth surfaces to remove stain and plaque.
Laser bacterial reduction and guided biofilm therapy sets our clinic apart from other dental clinic in this area.

In-depth Dental Examination:
Our dentists check for various issues, from bite problems to cavities, tooth weakness, periodontal or gum disease, crowding or spacing, and signs of tooth wear(grinding). We will inform you of our findings and explain them using photos of your teeth. Learning about a problem before it becomes severe allows us to treat you more quickly and with better results.
We use diagnostic lasers to find even the smallest type of dental carious lesions. intra-oral pictures and computer 3 D generated models to explain your oral condition to you. You will receive a comprehensive report of your oral health and a thorough education on available treatment options. 

 Watch a movie about Diagnodent technology

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