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Implant Placement & Restoration


 At Advanced Dental Care, we use the most advanced procedures to design, place and restore missing teeth with implant-supported crowns, bridges, and dentures.


Basically the better the measurement and pre-surgical planning the better the outcome and longevity of the treatment will be.

We utilize 3D, CBCT scans, and digital impressions and planning to design the crown in the best possible location to accommodate the functional and esthetic needs. After initial planning, a computerized bone-supported surgical guide will be fabricated in some cases. unlike the usual simple guides that are based on regular impressions, our surgical guides are engineered by digital scanning and 3d x-rays resulting in the most accurate bone and soft tissue measurement to place the implants. 


Since 2021 we have the types of equipment to place the implants with even more accuracy by utilizing motion detection and AI during the surgical placement of the implants. This is the latest innovation in the placement of implants using computer navigation.

Usually, there is a 3-5 month healing period after implant placement before the final restoration is fabricated. Although based on the type of bone and complexity of some cases, this healing period could range from none(immediate loading implants) to a few months with temporary restorations. We are one of the very few clinics in Wisconsin that provides 3D dynamic navigation as our signature dental implant treatment planning and placement.


X-nav  picture that shows patient and handpiece barcodes and it says" navigate surgery-like GPS for your drills and implants"
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