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Dental Sealants



While brushing is essential, it’s not the only one method to help prevent cavities and tooth decay. At Advanced Dental Care, we use dental sealants as a safe, pain-free way to help protect back teeth from decay and cavities. In fact, they are mainly helpful for children and teens whose brushing habits may not be as well-developed.

The chewing surfaces of our back teeth, or molars, are covered with ridges, nooks, and crannies. Food particles tend to get stuck in these crevices and can be hard to remove entirely by brushing. Eventually, they can cause back teeth to develop cavities. Dental sealants, a thin resin coating applied to the chewing surfaces of back teeth, help protect them from direct contact with food particles and the decay they might cause.

Simple and Effective for Helping Prevent Tooth Decay

At Advanced Dental Care, applying dental sealants is simple and takes just a few minutes for each tooth. After cleaning your teeth and treating the chewing surfaces with a special gel, we “paint” a safe, liquid coating over the crevices of each tooth. The layer is hardened with light in seconds, is nearly invisible, and can last between three and five years.

We specifically recommend dental sealants for children and teens before lasting decay can affect their teeth. However, we can also apply sealants to the teeth of some adults. Simply put, we believe sealants can be an integral part of a comprehensive dental plan to help prevent tooth decay and cavities.



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