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Periodontal Treatment



Our gums and underlying bone are the foundation that keeps teeth firm in their place. healthy gums are critical to preserving healthy teeth. Periodontal disease, usually called gum disease, can occur when bacteria cause inflammation which eventually destroys gums and the bone beneath their surface. Gum disease typically begins with inflammation of the gums which manifests as random bleeding spots or purple-colored gum at first and if left untreated it will cause further sensitivity and more frequent bleeding when brushing or spontaneously. later on, it will cause gum recession (teeth start looking longer) and slight mobility. at this stage gaps between teeth start to get wider or bite will gradually feel different. remember it is a very gradual process that takes years to get to severe stages which will result in the total loss of one or multiple teeth when bone and gum which provide support eventually perish. At Advanced Dental Care we can effectively treat gingivitis through both professional cleanings and discussing proper oral hygiene at home and office, However, when the gum problem (periodontitis) reached more severe stages, routine cleaning is not sufficient and further treatments like SRP (deep cleaning) is needed to removed bacteria and damaged gum and build up from the depth of the inflamed area. Stages of gum disease are evaluated by measuring the depth of the gum collar around all teeth and also taking routine x-rays. once a gum gets diseased and treated regular periodontal maintenance is required to keep the treated gum from getting back to the stage of the disease. Our team at Advanced Dental Care is experienced in dealing with periodontal diseases. During our comprehensive examination, we will diagnose any gum problems you might have, discuss them with you and recommend a treatment plan to help improve your periodontal health. The earlier we detect and begin treating periodontal disease, the greater the likelihood your natural gum tissue can be restored. If you notice inflamed, bleeding or receding gums call us and we will schedule a gum exam appointment right away.


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