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Your First Visit


At Our Dental Clinic, we are proud to receive the best in the county title or finalist for 4 years in a row thanks to our use of technology and technology-driven services. We have been offering popular same day crowns for years as well as innovative more recent technologies like lasers that we use for precision and next level work on cavities and gum resulting in faster, more accurate treatments. By leveraging the most advanced technology, we ensure your experience is as comfortable and pleasant as possible. As your local source for quality care, we welcome you to come and see why we have become successful and well-known in the area!

Our goal is to establish a foundation for a long-term partnership in your dental health. You could call us or simply use our 24/7 online appointment system to mark your preferred date and hour. One of our patient coordinators will reach out to you the same day ( or the next working day if you have requested your day after working hours or on weekends) to confirm your appointment.

Please fill out the forms ONLY if you have an appointment scheduled.

Please click on

  ---> English form

  ---> Spanish form 


and fill out the forms.

 We generally ask you to arrive at our dental office a few minutes before your appointment, to see one of our team members and complete our registration so we can begin to know you better. Additionally, you might want to bring:


  • Insurance information 

  • Any X-rays or medical/dental records (including sleep test analysis if applicable).  You may need to sign a release form for your previous dentist in order to transfer the records.

  • A list of medications you’re currently taking 

  • A list of questions you may have



We tailor your first appointment to your particular needs, your visit will typically include a thorough examination along with safe digital X-rays and intraoral pictures of your mouth.

We also feel that it is important to spend extra time on your first visit getting to know you. Our dentists and hygienists will take their time to address any issues or questions you might have. From there, we’ll discuss your examination with you, and work together to develop a  plan for your overall dental health.  

This Dental appointment is likely more relaxed and pleasant than any of your previous dental experiences. 

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