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The wand system is a computerized delivery method that controls the fluid pressure and also guides the dentist to deliver the anesthetic solution in a more effective manner.


STA, or single tooth anesthesia, is another advantage of utilizing the Wand system. A single tooth can be anesthetized for restorative or other dental treatments efficiently with the least amount of discomfort. this will also limit the area which is affected by anesthesia. It means that when we numb your tooth, your lip, tongue, and face will not get numb and will not stay numb for hours after your dental treatment is finished. You can go back to work or your daily routine with a normal sensation of your face and lip, which will not interfere with your speech. 

We are one of the very few WAND® providers in this area, which utilizes this system for adults as well.

Many of our patients, who received the WAND anesthesia, experienced NO pain with this procedure. 


more about the Wand ® 

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