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Root Canal Treatments


Most people have heard of root canals and the myth of how painful they are. However, many do not know the real purpose of a root canal, or that it should be mostly a pain-free experience (with the exceptions of abscesses or hot teeth). At Advanced Dental Care we are skilled in performing root canal treatments that will gradually relieve the pain of infected teeth and can save your teeth.


Why Root Canal Therapy?

Nerves run through each of our healthy teeth, allowing the tooth to feel sensations such as hot and cold. However, severe decay can sometimes infect the nerve or damage the pulp, the soft material inside the tooth. When this happens, the tooth itself may feel extremely painful and may form an abscess as the infection grows worse. If left untreated, this infection can destroy the tooth itself and spread to other parts of the body. However, a root canal removes these infected tissues and seals the remaining tooth structure. Simply, a root canal can be thought of as cleaning and filling for the infected inside of the tooth.  All root canal procedures are slightly different depending on each person’s circumstances and type of the tooth(whether it is a molar tooth or an anterior tooth), most treatments follow the same general procedure. After taking X-rays to determine the extent of the infection, we will typically apply a local anesthetic to completely numb your infected tooth, which helps ensure that the process is comfortable with the least amount of pain.


At the Advanced dental care clinic, we use a computerized control numbing system that makes numbing more comfortable compared to the usual dental syringes. Also, we incorporate a 3D scan to measure and analyze the tooth before starting the procedure. unlike usual x-rays, the 3d scan will render a full 360 degrees model of the tooth so we could see the number of the canals, possible calcifications, infected areas, and the shape of the root before starting the procedure.



Then we remove the decayed, infected tooth parts, and clean the inside of your tooth. Then we use Biolase Laser to disinfect the canals beyond the traditional ways(This is a great new technology that recently has been introduced to dentistry)

We may also prescribe an antibiotic to eliminate any residual infection. Finally, we will seal the tooth with a material that is mostly organic and comes from the Gutta-percha tree sap. Because teeth that need root canal treatment are often weakened, we will also fit the tooth for a crown, as necessary. leaving the posterior teeth with no proper crown after the root canal treatment makes them prone to future fractures. Far from being a painful process, a root canal treatment helps eliminate the extreme pain many people feel from infected teeth. Indeed, root canal treatment is a procedure to help prevent infections from endangering tissues around the teeth or potentially spreading and causing additional health problems. There are a variety of tell-tale signs that you have a tooth infection, including pain, darkening of the tooth, or a pimple along the gum line which may discharge pus. However, more than 2/3 of the time you may experience no symptoms despite the fact that the nerve inside your tooth is infected. If you believe you have a tooth infection, it’s important to schedule an appointment as quickly as possible.


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