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Pediatric Dentistry (Dentistry for Kids)



At Advanced Dental Care, we believe that proper dental care in childhood helps develop good dental habits and is a vital foundation for the lifelong goal of good oral health. We have decades of experience in children’s dentistry and tailor our treatment to your child’s age and comfort level.


Infants and Toddlers


We provide dental wellness exams to children as young as one year old. Despite the fact that they’re called “baby teeth,” a child’s first teeth are important for chewing and biting and set the stage for their adult or “permanent” teeth to come. Our appointments with infants and toddlers allow us to check for any potential, early dental problems and discuss concerns you may have on issues ranging from thumb-sucking and pacifier-use to teething. Perhaps just as importantly, these initial visits allow your child to become comfortable seeing our dentists and professional staff. We will talk with your children, show them our office and the dental equipment we use, help to set their minds at ease and establishing a rapport that will support positive, long-lasting dental health.


Children and Teens

At Advanced Dental Care, we recommend seeing your child every six months to help ensure their best dental health. As your child grows older, we will watch for issues such as bite and teeth alignment problems. And, as their teeth develop, we provide safe, supplemental fluoride and sealant treatments as part of a comprehensive plan to prevent dental decay. Meanwhile, you can rest assured that our digital X-rays of your child’s teeth are both safe and effective at monitoring any potential problems as they grow and develop.

However, your child’s visits to our office will be as much about education as examination, with our staff showing your children how to brush and floss correctly and discussing ways to develop healthy dental hygiene habits.




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