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Broken Amalgam and composite fillings and the risk of Tooth fracture!

Broken Amalgam(silver) fillings under the bite pressure may result in split tooth and pain. We locate the fracture and restore the broken teeth in a single visit. We use high definition intraoral cameras to capture images of all existing restorations to locate any fractures or crack lines. Based on the depth, location, and angle of the fracture line, teeth may require a restorative treatment to function and look healthy again.

CEREC technology enables us to scan the teeth and make a computer 3D model (instead of molding your teeth with the impression material and tray) and design the best fitting restoration . A crown or inlay or any other restoration could be milled out of a zirconia or ceramic/porcelain block right away. A customized, high-quality tooth-colored restoration (crown) is ready to deliver after preparing the restoration (sintering in high temperature and polishing ).


Advanced Dental Care is privileged and proud to be one of the very few dental clinics in this area that incorporates the latest generation of CEREC technology (OmniCAM) in our treatments.

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