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How to fix chipped front teeth

Accidents happen! A broken tooth can be repaired if there is enough amount of remaining tooth structure, gum, and bone. We need to evaluate the broken tooth first and verify if the nerve in the tooth is damaged or not. If only a small part is broken, a composite filling will restore the chipped part. Veneers are a better option to restore the tooth If a big chunk of the tooth is chipped. For bigger fractures, there needs to be enough remaining tooth so we could build up a core and place a crown on the tooth.

All can be done in one single visit. Even if your tooth needs a root canal treatment! We use computer and in-office milling(CEREC CNC machine) to fabricate your veneer or crowns.

Long story short :

It might not be too late yet! Call us (920 892 8466) and Let us evaluate your tooth before making any other decision!

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