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Flexible no metal partials, affordable and practical way to replace missing teeth

Partials have been a part of the routine dental treatments for many decades, recently treatment options like implants and fixed bridges might be more popular, but none could replace the two significant advantages of a well designed partial. First, it is by far the most affordable option compared to implants and bridges to replace multiple missing teeth (permanently or temporarily). Second, It is reversible! after wearing partials it is possible to switch to implants/bridge granted that the requirements of implant placement, like bone quantity and the proper location, is met. Nowadays there are different designs to fabricate partials. Flexible no metal partials are one of the most comfortable ones! There is no metal part or frame in the design which makes it lighter weight and more comfortable to wear.

If you have few missing teeth and gaps even in different sides (left and right) of your upper or lower jaw, Just call us! We will evaluate your gum and teeth for a partial design.

Flexible partials, replace missing teeth

Flexible partial dentures, no metal frame to replace missing teeth

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