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$300 Discount - Things to know if you are grinding your teeth

The most popular appliance designed to prevent the side effects of grinding ( chipped teeth, bone loss and gum recession and sensitivity) is a night guard(also called an occlusal guard or bite splint).

Not all advertised night guards are the same. Based on the impression material, accuracy and fit night guards may vary. Better fitting night guards need less adjustment later on. Some night guards are made of only one layer of thermoplastic material whereas higher quality night guards are made of two or more layers (a soft layer inside the outer harder layer), which are more comfortable to wear and also will not distort under bite pressure.

The average price of a custom made high quality night guard fabricated by a dentist is around $600! (almost $300 more than our price)

Here at advanced dental care clinic, we utilize the digital impression (teeth scanning)which eliminates the usual mold distortion in non - digital impression method (using trays and molding material).

we deliver the highest quality double layer occlusal guard with a soft and hard layer.

comfort H/S splint (occlusal guard)

for more information contact us at Advanced dental care clinic (920 - 892 - 8466)

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