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Fear of Getting Numb?

Look no further! At Advanced Dental Care Clinic, we utilize the Wand® when administering anesthetic. State of the art syringe-less computerized delivery system is part of the Wand® technology that controls the fluid (anesthetic) pressure to ensure a more effective and comfortable result. While utilizing the Wand, a single tooth (STA) can be numbed for dental treatment instead of needing to administer a traditional block where multiple teeth and tissues are affected. In doing so, you no longer have the uncomfortable numb feeling in your lip, tongue, and side of your face; only your single tooth. The amount of time you are numb after your procedure is also decreased, which allows you to return to normal activities without lingering numbness. Our practice is one of the very few Wand® providers in the area for children and adults. 9 out of 10 patients in our clinic who have received the Wand, experienced NO pain during the delivery process. Be sure to ask us about the Wand for your next dental ​​treatment!

dental syringe and comfortable numbing with the Wand
dental syringe with red X through it with "Vs" next to it
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