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Advanced Dental Care: Provider of the latest dentistry standards in Sheboygan county

Almost every few months, new advancements are made in the field of dental care. From CEREC® to Wand® and Umbrella®, modern dentistry is revolutionizing how we think about oral health and previous standards of care. Dentistry is not done the way it used to be in 20, or even 10, or to some extent 5 years ago!

Plymouth(Sheboygan county) residents have access to some of the most cutting-edge treatments available, thanks to Advanced dental care providers like Dr. Hooman. Read on to learn more about why this clinic is an invaluable asset for the community and how it's changing the face of dentistry in this area.

Quality Services and Treatments

Advanced Dental Care offers quality services and treatments that you can trust. Since 2017, Dr. Hooman leads a team of passionate professionals who constantly study and train to use new methods to provide their patients with the best care possible. They have invested in the most advanced technology available to ensure that their patients receive the highest level of care possible. Since 2017 with the new management, Advanced dental care has received the best of Sheboygan titles (either winner or finalist ) for four years in a row and received hundreds of 5 star reviews on major platforms to complement their efforts in providing modern and comfortable dental treatments.

The Clinic's Role in Improving Oral Health

Advanced Dental Care has made great strides in improving oral health in the Plymouth community by offering services and treatments unavailable before. By investing in modern technology such as WaterLase®, CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography), 3D Printing, X-Nav Technology™, CEREC®, and AI Diagnostic Artificial Intelligence (AI DAI), this clinic is able to provide more accurate diagnosis and treatment plans than ever before. These advancements also allow them to treat difficult cases with greater success rates than traditional methods would allow for – something that has been especially beneficial for those suffering from periodontal disease or other complex conditions. In addition, these technologies have allowed them to reduce treatment times significantly while still providing superior results – meaning less time spent at the dentist's office!

The Clinic's Commitment To Excellence

At Advanced Dental Care, excellence isn't just an aspiration – it's a commitment they consistently strive towards every single day. The staff takes pride in being providers of modern dentistry by investing in cutting-edge technologies and offering services in Plymouth or its surrounding areas. Thanks to their dedication and hard work over the years, Advanced Dental Care has become one of the popular clinics around – something which speaks volumes about their commitment to providing excellent dental care for all their patients each and every day!

CEREC® is a revolutionary system for creating ceramic restorations such as crowns and veneers in one sitting. It uses CAD/CAM technology to create custom restorations without the use of impressions or temporaries. WaterLase® utilizes laser energy, allowing faster treatment times with less discomfort than conventional methods. CBCT® provides three-dimensional imaging so that dentists can get an accurate look at the tooth structure before proceeding with treatment. X-Nav® is a navigation system that helps dentists guide implants into place more precisely than ever before. 3D printing allows for the quicker fabrication of dental models, which helps speed up treatments like Invisalign® aligners. Wand® offers computerized anesthesia delivery so that injections are more comfortable for patients than traditional syringes do. Finally, AI Diagnostic Artificial Intelligence enables dentists to detect cavities early on using "smart" algorithms that detect cavities with greater accuracy than humans alone can achieve.

Investing in progressive dentists like Dr Hooman, who are trained on cutting edge technologies such as CEREC®, WaterLase®,CBCT®, X-Nav®, 3D printing , Wand® ,and AI Diagnostic Artificial Intelligence can certainly be worth your while even if it means paying out-of-pocket expenses or going outside of your preferred insurance network . Not only will this provide you with better quality service but also enable you access to new technologies which improve safety standards when receiving any oral health services. So next time you look for a dentist don't forget about all the advantages offered by progressive dentists!


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