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How to prepare and take action for COVID-19

Here in advanced dental care clinic, we have been compliant with OSHA and CDC regulation all these years.

Metal instruments are separately inspected, rinsed in an ultrasonic cleaner, and sterilized with high temperature and pressure in Autoclave before we place them in sealed packs. We utilize a high volume of disposable items and PPE to eliminate cross-contamination.

Water that is used in procedures is filtered and conditioned in a brand new close circuit filtration unit (5 filter levels). The Air conditioner has multiple filters and is capable of UV sanitization. Treatment rooms and clinic areas have separate units than the waiting room, and common areas with constant circulating cycles. Each operatory is disinfected with medical-grade liquids and even floors are steamed frequently.

OSHA policies are updated and reviewed each year to keep us updated with all new changes.

A spacious reception area accommodates safe person to person distance and our skilled patient management team schedule our patients in a way that there is a minimum amount of wait time or overlap between appointments.

Our goal is to prepare a safe environment for our patients, staff, and community.

We designed This blog to inform you about the news and update that is mostly reflected on the CDC website.

Link to CDC information about COVID-19 -->


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