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Fluoride is an element that can help protect our teeth from decay (bacterial acid activity) and eventually long-term damage. It’s in many city water systems throughout the country to help prevent cavities. However, if warranted, we will also treat your teeth with supplemental fluoride. The rule of moderation, of course, applies to the consumption of fluoride when it is used as a systemic supplement, and it should be measured and prescribed by a certified provider.

Fluoride usage in dentistry has been the subject of some debate in social media. To put some light on the subject we added some useful links to American association of dentists website, and for some of us who like to read more, you will find ADA booklet of fluoridation facts. of course like any other treatment we will not proceed with fluoride therapy until we have the permission of our patients or the patients caregivers/parents. 



American Dental Association Responds to Study Regarding Fluoride Intake in Mexico


Download ADA booklet of fluoridation fact



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