Digital Dental X-Rays:



X-ray examinations are essential to detecting dental problems such as tooth weakness and potential issues with developing teeth and bone around the roots and location of anatomic landmarks( like nerves) that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Our modern digital X-ray machines are safe yet very high definition while allowing us to efficiently look for any problems inside your teeth and gums.These new Digital x-ray machines utilize the Smallest amount of radiation compared to traditional systems.there is no need to worry about some x-rays received while taking annual or biannual routine PA's or bitewings or a couple of x-rays for emergency visits, endo treatments or extractions. Since the digital sensors are designed to capture the highest quality images with least amount of radiation and also the x-ray tube is adjusted to radiate only a small field at a time.Based on recent research literature, taking x-rays with these new digital machines is even safe for expecting mothers (although we will keep the number of x-rays to a minimum and only for necessary procedures based on the trimester. also, we will use a lead apron to triple the protection for the mom and her baby.)