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Digital Dental X-Rays with

Artificial Intelligence.



X-ray examinations are essential to verify anatomy or detect dental problems such as tooth decay, gum problems, bone loss, and potential issues with developing teeth and bone around the roots.  
Modern digital X-ray machines are safe and high definition, allowing us to examine oral structure efficiently. 
In our clinic, we also utilize 3-dimensional (Dental CT scans) and regular 2D X-rays. The more accurate 3D view provides us with the exact spatial position of teeth ( for root canal treatments and implant placements). It has significant diagnostic value in finding fractured teeth, small infections, and a lot more that can not be clearly detected with a 2D normal x-ray.
There is no need to worry about the number of x-rays received while taking annual or biannual routine PA's or bitewings or a couple of x-rays for emergency visits, endo treatments, or extractions. The x-ray sensors are designed to capture the highest quality images with the least amount of radiation. Recent research shows that taking x-rays with these new digital machines is safe for expecting mothers. We will keep the number of x-rays to a minimum and only for necessary procedures based on the trimester. We always use a lead apron for our patients, which triples the protection for the mom and her baby.

 Our dentists study and review the x-rays and explain it to our patients during exams. Now we have an estate of art artificial intelligence system that also examines and analyzes every x-ray taken in just a few seconds. This system provides our dentists with a detailed report and a visual map of probable teeth weak spots, cavities, and a reading on bone levels.
This way, we can detect smaller cavities and bone-level problems and address them before they cause more problems. 




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