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How this Plymouth dentist can save you thousands a year

One of the first things that come to mind is the expense of dental treatment and how it affects the quality of procedures. Unlike most of the other purchases, not every crown or filling or root canal is the same! Cheap is not always a good bargain when it comes to dentistry. Think of it as a work of art. All painters, amateur or professional could somehow paint a portrait, but is a van Gogh or a DaVinci painting worth the same as others? Fortunately, the price difference in dental treatments between different clinics is not millions like the artwork in the example, but it plainly shows how skills, technology, and materials could affect the quality of the treatments. Not every crown is the same! In advanced dental care clinic, our dentists and staff have been practicing dentistry for at least 15 years and are continuously upgrading and honing their knowledge and finesse. We utilize state of the art dental technology like computerized cad/cam crown systems,3D x-rays, digital planning, Lasers, modern cutting tools and sedation/numbing technics in newly designed and upgraded operatories that provides patients with a relaxed and comfortable dental experience. Our time management and utilization of advanced technology will save us time and overhead which translates into more discount for our patients.

$340 nightguards ( average $500), $250 Laser teeth whitening(usually $600), Discounted Invisalign treatments are few examples on how you will save money in our clinic while receiving premium high-quality treatment and patient care.

You are more than welcome to visit our clinic. It is a privilege for us to treat you with the advanced dentistry that you always deserved.

Plymouth Dentist success story, thumbs up

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